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Regular classes resume in Himachal Pradesh schools college after 8-day vacation

Regular classes resumed in the schools and colleges of Himachal Pradesh from Monday after the end of eight-day holiday.The students of class VIII to XII attended the schools.

The education department has also called for a report from all the deputy directors of education to review whether the corona chain has been broken during the holidays as there was spurt in the Covid cases after the reopening of schools.

Director (higher education department) Amarjeet Sharma has issued a circular to all the principals and deputy directors of district education to strictly follow the Covid-19 protocol and the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) made for the prevention of Corona in the schools and colleges.

In the circular, it has been stated that SOPs/Guidelines regarding spreading of corona virus issued by the Government of India as well as state government were not being followed strictly due to which many Covid-19 cases have been reported from various schools. In wake of this, all the heads of educational institutions have been directed to ensure that class teacher remains on alert to see any child having signs and symptoms including fever, cough, difficulty in breathing and should immediately inform the parents to get the child tested.

Schools were opened in the state from September 27. After this, cases of corona started being reported among the students. The maximum number of cases were reported in Kangra, Hamirpur and Una districts. State government has already authorized the Deputy Commissioners to decide the closure of schools on seeing rise in Covid cases among students.

Whether to continue regular classes in schools or to give holidays, will be discussed in the state cabinet meeting on Monday. The education department is not in favour of closing the school and has sent a proposal to the government stating that the students of class III and V are also being called to school on November 11 and 12 for the National Achievement Survey. It said that board term exams are starting and after that there will be annual examinations for which regular classes are necessary for studies.

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